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For over 20 years, Surya Plating has continued to promote finishing technology innovation that
improves quality, affordability, and durability for an extensive line of Process in the areas of:

Zinc plating (Hexavalent&Trivalent)

High Bright Nickel Chrome Process

Tin plating

Rocche copper plating

Corrosion Inhibitors Antiquing and

Oxidizing Metal Cleaning

Metal Brightening Surface Preparations Chromate

Phosphate Finishing

Most recently, quality control and product research. Additionally, it allows the company to
continue to explore innovative ways to improve the quality and affordability of products for all
types of metal plating and finishing. Each and every one of the products, and every one of the
products researched, developed and Processed by Surya Plating is done under the company’s
strict ISO9001:2000 certified Quality System. This ensures that the highest quality, reliability,
delivery and service is continually maintained.