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Surya Metal Finishing is an innovator in the Electro Plating industry, since 2002, especially for Precious Metal platings like Silver and Gold for electrical and electronics Industry. Surya Metal Finishing has over 20 years of research and experience. Headquartered in Chennai, India, Surya Metal Finishing, Smart Creations, was one of the first to introduce the novel concept of electroplating and Electrophoretic lacquer, popularly known as ED lacquers to the South Indian market. Surya Metal Finishing precise, electroplating services include over 7 metals in a wide range of textured finishes.

An ISO certified firm, we aim to provide the highest quality, at the most affordable costing, by using technology to our mutual advantage. We have custom solutions for all kinds of plating, cleaning and polishing needs. We partner with several prominent Government and Non-government agencies in the fields of Aero Space, Industrial hardware, research and energy sector. Our 24kt Gold Plating service with the innovative NTGD ( NanoTech Gold Deposition) technology, has helped us create over 4800 Golden monuments to the Gods, all across the Globe.

We have a competitive advantage over other Plating firms, as we can take on multiple large scale orders. We offer Full-Service coating from preparation of Metal substrate to the final polishing. This kind of inclusive services makes us a niche organisation that is continually evolving to meet the industry needs and new developments.


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